World Travel Awards 2019

For the 26th time, the annual World Travel Awards took place, the so-called "Oscars" of the travel industry. During a Gala ceremony in La Paz, Bolivia, the winners of South America were announced.

1. Chile

For the fifth time in a row, Chile wins the title "Leading Adventure Tourism Destination" for some very good reasons: Untouched nature and diverse landscapes invite adrenaline junkies and adventurers on a voyage of discovery. Skiing down impressive volcanoes, surfing on the long Pacific coast, climbing an icy blue glacier and hiking through countless national parks - everyone will find the right place for themselves. But not only adventurers can get the most out of their travel in Chile: the Atacama Desert is selected as "Most Romantic Destination". No wonder, considering the picturesque sunsets followed by the clear night sky with a thousand sparkling stars. Taking all those breathtaking landscapes into account, it is not a surprise that Chile finally wins the title "Leading Nature Destination".

2. Peru

The precious and well preserved archaeological heritage in Peru is one of the reasons why the country wins the title "Leading Cultural Destination". In addition to the mysterious Nazca lines, the traditional Inca culture is particularly recognizable by the magical Machu Picchu. It is not without reason that the Inca city has been named "Leading Tourist Attraction" in South America. The versatile cuisine of Peru has been based on this traditional Inka culture - a highlight for all foodies and gourmets! This is the 8th consecutive year that Peru receives the title "Leading Culinary Destination" in South America. In addition to Ceviche, one of the most famous dishes from Peru, you should not miss Lomo Saltado and Cuy (guinea pig!).

3. Bolivia

Bolivia wins four World Travel Awards: La Paz, the government capital, is voted the best emerging destination, while Salar de Uyuni becomes "Leading Natural Tourist Attraction". Under the thick salt bed lay the last remnants of a vast prehistoric lake. You should not miss the chance to see Salar de Uyuni after a rain shower, because the slow flow of rain water creates a dreamlike mirror of the sky - you feel like you are above clouds. Bolivia can also claim the title "Leading Youth Travel Destination" as well as "Leading Green Destination" due to the unique biodiversity of the Madidi National Park and the Bolivian Pampas.

4. Columbia

Colombia wins the title "Leading Destination" of South America, in our opinion for some very good reason! In Columbia you will find everything: green valleys, golden beaches and snowcapped mountains. The country is incredibly diverse with a varied landscape, fascinating nature and culture and friendly, welcoming locals - moreover you feel the South American temperament in every corner. Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena, the island of San Andrés and many more destinations make Colombia the leading destination of South America.

5. Argentina

Argentina is named the "Leading Whale Watching Destination": on the Península Valdés you can see those giant animals in all their beauty. Moreover you can find penguins there, as well as elephant seals, sea lions, orcas and many more. Further south you will find breathtaking glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park, including the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier. However, Argentina has much more to offer: beautiful lagoons, long coasts, colonial towns, delicious wines and a national park at the end of the world - Tierra del Fuego, an inspiring destination that awakens dreams and adventurousness. 

Is your company fully using the potential of these destinations?

South America is always worth a visit with its versatility and beauty. Logistur is a tour operator and DMC specializing in South American travel. We are happy to help you organizing exciting adventure trips for your customers.


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