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  • Mathias

    CEO | Director

    Mathias is from Bolivia and currently lives in Santiago de Chile. Together with his business partner Renzo they've founded the company Logistur. Currently Mathias leads the team in Chile where most of his activities are focused on the evaluation and development of new products. In his free time Mathias takes the opportunity to practice adventure sports such as climbing and paragliding.

  • Renzo


    Renzo is born in Peru and lives in Rio de Janeiro. In 2005, with his business partner Mathias, he founded the tour operator Logistur. Renzo is passionate about South America and currently devotes part of his time to developing the Brazilian market and programming the LGT platform.

  • Danilo

    IT Manager

    Danilo is born in Buenos Aires and currently lives in the mountain region of Cordoba, in the middle of Argentina. He is the brain of our technology. Committed from the very beginning, he currently devotes part of his time at Logistur to create an efficient and simple booking system for our customers. Danilo loves basketball and is part of the local team. In his free time he trains the women's team with the goal of making them champions!

  • Ricardo


    Ricardo was born and still lives in Santiago de Chile, where he is responsible for controlling the finances and accounting of Logistur. Ricardo is a negotiation specialist and dedicates part of his time applying this skill in partnership with our suppliers, in order to get the best prices for our customers. Ricardo is a fan of the local soccer team "Colo Colo" and in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

  • Gonca

    Seller Manager

    Gonca has been traveling all over the world, but South America is what fascinates her most. For that reason, she's decided to live in Santiago, Chile, in 2015, where she works at our local office. She's been combining her work with her passion of traveling for over 16 years! Gonca is a specialist in creating personalized trips and due to her experience she understands the importance of details.

  • Malena

    General Sales Manager

    Malena has been working for Logistur since 2005. She has worked as a tour guide in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil for many years. This has given her the experience she needed to become an expert in the development and planning of trips for both groups and individual travelers in South America. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and her children.

  • Giselle

    Finance | Operations

    Giselle was born in the city of Valdivia in Chile, but has been living in Santiago de Chile since 2013. She loves to travel and do outdoor sports. Every day she goes to work by bicycle and in this way, takes the opportunity to have a different perspective of Santiago. She is the director of the Visocial Foundation in addition to performing financial work within the company Logistur.

  • Judith


    udith was born in France and lived in Canada before settling in Chile in 2012. She loves to travel and Latin culture fascinates her. At Logistur, she is in charge of operations and quality control for groups in the Chilean market. Her goal is to find the best services so customers can enjoy their trip in the best way possible. In her free time she likes to dance, she is in love with Latin dance and especially Cuban salsa.

  • Jennifer


    Jennifer was born in Caracas in Venezuela and moved to Chile in 2016. At Logistur, she works in the finance department, in the area of payments and assumption. In her free time she likes to go to the beach and spend time with her family.

  • Kátia

    Sales Manager

    Kátia comes from São Paulo and is a citizen of the world at heart. She works with tourism and as a hobby she loves to travel. When she's not traveling, Kátia blogs about her last trip or is already planning the next one. She currently lives in Chile - the south of the world and is part of the "Travel Design" logistics team, which motivates others to get to know this corner of the world and its surroundings.

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