Sustainability and CSR at Logistur: Social Day

Sport programs for integration, social tourism for more reality or the latest activity: painting walls for education - we work during the social day of Logistur for a good cause.


Social Commitment

At Logistur we focus our efforts on ensuring that our actions in the company are characterized by sustainability and social responsibility. Since our foundation in 2004, we have been involved in the social field - and especially with the creation of viSocial we support children and young people who are in socially disadvantaged situations. We improve the social environment of children and support them in the best possible way. We put particular importance on safeguarding the rights of children and young people and their development. The Foundation has set itself the goal to support people in disadvantaged areas and increase the environmental awareness within the population. We make a visible contribution to the positive development of children and young people in socially disadvantaged sectors. We also strengthen their social and environmental awareness and coordinate education, cultural and sports activities. Thus, we lay the foundation for integration, acceptance and tolerance.

Therefore we took the opportunity to leave our day-to-day office work behind us for a day to take an active role instead in the project "Rayito de Luz", a social institution in Santiago de Chile. We brought painter utensils and paint, as well as our complete team from Santiago. We painted at full speed to make the decor more colorful and lively. Children from different nations come here in the afternoon as an after school activity to learn something, to eat together and to have a distraction from everyday life.


Our Constribution to Sustainability

At Logistur we understand sustainability as the creation of social, ecological and economic values. In doing so, we do not want to integrate a separate sustainability strategy, but rather to fully integrate sustainability into our business model, thus shaping a sustainable corporate strategy. This means we consider sustainability in all business areas: in our products, our internal processes and our social engagements. We integrate our employees, our products and our partnerships into our corporate social responsibility strategy. Our goal: a long-term, sustainable social impact that enhances this world and people's lives. Among other things, we stand for a direct operation with our end providers as well as their timely and fair payment. Our partners are characterized by responsible business practices and the adherence to the criteria for the sustainable development of tourism, which we ensure through a continuous evaluation. 

We know that social, environmental and economic activities influence each other. In particular, the global tourism industry must take responsibility for the guest population, their resources and the global environment. With viSocial, we run social tourism, offering tourists the opportunity to visit social projects on their travel journey. Through these visits, we draw the attention of tourists to the reality of the living conditions of some families in South America. Through integration, which takes place through participation in various activities, we want to engage feedback between the tourists, children and teachers of the school. Sustainability should be a matter of course in tourism and not a luxury good.

To drive forward our efforts, we have the TourCert Check: This creates the basis for sustainable and quality-oriented management. With the newly acquired know-how about sustainability through self-analysis, we increase our competence.


Together with you, we hope to continue to sensitize tourists for the different real life circumstances in South America and to promote sustainability.

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