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There is hardly a country that combines as many different climate zones as Chile: Due to its huge north-south expansion, Chile is the longest and one of the most diverse countries in the world. The country therefore offers the traveler scenic charms that contrast strongly with one another. The north, the Atacama Desert, is the driest area on earth, while rainforests, lake landscapes and glaciers dominate in the south. Hot springs, volcanoes and endless beaches also await visitors: only in a few countries can you ski in the Andes in the morning and then relax on the Pacific beach in the afternoon.

Around 6 million people live in the modern metropolis of Santiago de Chile: At the weekend, they are drawn to the beautiful seaside resort of Viña del Mar with its palm beaches or to the picturesque port of Valparaíso. Inland, travelers come across remote villages and fertile valleys. Today Chile is one of the most popular travel destinations in South America, because on the one hand it is one of the safest and on the other hand one of the richest countries on the continent. Travel companies should therefore not miss this opportunity. The country is considered to be the most European in South America, besides Spanish there are also German influences in the south (for example in Puerto Varas or Valdivia).


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