Patagonia Argentina Chile (20 days)

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Patagonia is as vast as it is diverse. This tour offers the opportunity to experience the highlights of Patagonia on both sides of the Andes, in Chile and in Argentina, even the lesser known, but not lees interesting regions on the Carretera Austral or the Pumalin Park in Northern Patagonia. The tour will always focus on hiking and discoveries!
The ideal time to visit Patagonia is the summer that in the south goes from October to April; From January to February will be high season. Beware though, the weather in Patagonia is unpredictable - there you can experience four seasons in one day even in summer!

100 % flexible trip suggestion

  • 1

    Arrival in Santiago de Chile and City Tour

    Overnight: Santiago de Chile
    In the morning, you will meet your guide at the "Arturo Merino Benitez" airport in Santiago and go straight to the hotel. After checking in, you will visit the center of the Chilean capital - the tour will start at the historic Presidential Palace "La Moneda", your walk will continue through the city center by discovering the Plaza de Armas, the Main Square and center of the city. At noon, as many Chileans do, you may eat at Mercado Central, which is famous for the delicious seafood (optional lunch). The tour will continue to the San Cristobal Hill a panoramic city park at an altitude of 800m. From there you will enjoy a great view of Santiago with the Andes peaks on the background; from there you will see the real size of the metropolis.
    In addition, on this day, your guide will give you a briefing for your journey where all your doubts will be clarified.
  • 2

    Santiago - Punta Arenas

    Today, head straight for Patagonia - drive to the airport and fly to Punta Arenas.
    Here on the southernmost tip of Patagonia begins the journey of your adventure!
    Arrived in Punta Arenas, you will be given free time to get a first impression of the once so important trading city. In good weather conditions, you may enjoy wonderful views of the Strait of Magellan and of the Land of Fire. In the afternoon, you will visit the penguin reserve of Seno Otway, where hundreds of penguins hatch their young. There you will have the opportunity to see these wild animals from a very close up, with some luck you will get the chance to take memorable photos!
  • 3

    Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales

    Overnight: Puerto Natales
    A private transfer takes you to the bus terminal of Punta Arenas. It takes a three hours’ drive to take the bus across the Pampa to the small town of Puerto Natales, right on the fjord of the Last Hope. Once there, you will meet with your guide who will give you the latest tips for the next days at the Torres Del Paine National Park. The rest of the day will be at leisure.
  • 4

    Puerto Natales - Milodon - National Park Torres del Paine

    Overnight: Torres del Paine
    In the morning, you will travel from Puerto Natales to the Torres del Paine National Park. The Paine Massif is a landmark of Patagonia and a highlight of any tour in Chile. On the way into the park, you will stop at the huge Milodon cave, which is notable for the discovery of a giant ground sloth called Milodon Darwini. Once you arrive at the national park, you will take a catamaran over the turquoise waters of the Lago Pehoé to cross to the other side. During the trip, you will have the best views of the Paine massif formed by the winds. On the other side, you will start your approx. 4-hour hike in the direction of your hostel. During the hike, you will slowly approach the gray glacier and will always have different views of the shimmering blue lake at its feet. After dinner from your accommodation, you can still walk to a viewpoint to observe the nearby glacier.
    Your accommodation will be set in a rustic mountain lodge with multi-bedded rooms and shared bathrooms, or on request in one of the tents at the adjacent campsite. You can leave your heavy luggage at the hotel in Puerto Natales, to be able to go hiking around the park on a lite backpack.
    Montañas rocosas
  • 5

    National Park Torres del Paine: Grey Glacier - Puerto Natales

    Overnight: Puerto Natales
    This morning you can do some small walks in the area before starting your journey in the afternoon and catch a boat right along the 30m high ridge of the Gray Glacier. All cameras are ready! A little surprise awaits you on the ship. Slowly, you move away from the glacier, past sparkling blue icebergs, and again enjoy the view of the world famous horns of the Paine massif. On the other hand, it's back to Puerto Natales.
    Glaciar Grey
  • 6

    Puerto Natales - El Calafate: Perito Moreno Glacier

    Today you will continue early to El Calafate and get to know the Argentine part of Patagonia.
    The landscape along the Ruta 40 compensates for the relatively long drive and for the customs formalities.
    El Calafate it is an important and picturesque town on the banks of the emerald green Lago Argentino.
    In the afternoon, you will go to the national park "Los Glaciares” that is located at about 80 km from El Calafate, 14 glaciers fed by the Patagonian ice field, an impressive natural spectacle. Once there in the middle of the national park, you will have in front of you - the famous Perito Moreno glacier!
    Each day the 60km long ice mass moves forward about 50cm. It is a spectacle for the eyes and the ears, when the ice breaks from the 60m high and 5km wide and falls into Lago Argentino.
    In the evening, you will try the renowned Argentine steak in one of the many restaurants in El Calafate.
    Pasarelas del Perito Moreno
  • 7

    El Calafate - El Chaltén

    Today we continue on the Ruta 40 towards El Chaltén in the north of the National Park "Los Glaciares". The road along the north shore of Lake Viedma provides a breathtaking view of the glacier of the same name and the Fitz Roy massif. At the foot of the mountain, massif is the small village, which is considered a trekking Mecca and is the starting point for your hikes. The area around El Chaltén is accessed by a total of 70km of trekking trails and offers plenty of opportunities to explore the fantastic mountain world. If you arrive in the afternoon in El Chaltén, depending on the weather and the desire to start the same day, you have the possibility to make a short hike to the "Mirador de los Cóndores", where the chance to see the majestic Andean condors is very high.
    Macizo Fitz Roy
  • 8

    Trekking in El Chaltén - Fitz Roy

    Today you will reach the viewpoints or base camps of Mount Fitz Roy and of Cerro Torre:
    there you will enjoy the beautiful views of the most imposing mountain masses of Patagonia!
    You will first drive to El Pilar, north of the village from where most of the trails begin. You will walk back to the village on the marked hiking trails, in the middle of impressive landscapes full of forests, mountains, glaciers and lagoons, reaching the unique Fitz Roy Mountain. You will then spend the night in El Chaltén before heading north.
    Fitz Roy a lo lejos
  • 9

    El Chaltén - Los Antiguos

    Today we will return to drive onto Ruta 40 and continue northwards. The 2,500 km motorway that runs along the Andean range of mountains, passing green and blue lakes, it is an experience of its own!
    With a bit of luck, you will encounter nandus, guanacos and foxes. You will arrive in Los Antiguos only late in the evenings. From Los Antiguos it will be a short drive to Lago General Carrera the next day.
  • 10

    Los Antiguos – Puerto Guadal

    To get to Lago General Carrera, you will drive along the spectacular southern shore of the second-largest lake in Latin America. The lake is in between Argentina and Chile, therefore you will return to Bahia Catalina in Chile in the afternoon. You will stay in a cozy bungalow in Bahia Catalina near Puerto Guadal where you will have dinner and enjoy the unique views of the Lake General Carrera.
    La Carretera Austral
  • 11

    Lago General Carrera - Marble Caves - Coyhaique

    Follow the Carretera Austral, the "adventure road", to the north. At Puerto Rio Tranquilo, we will have an unforgettable boat ride to the marble caves (Capilla De Marmol). Afterwards you will continue to the north, and after a 3-hour bus ride, you will visit the rock paintings at Villa Cerro Castillo. There is also a particularly beautiful view of an imposing mountain, which looks like a fortress and gives the place its name (castillo, castle, fortress). You will reach your destination in Coyahique in the evening.
    Capilla de Marmol
  • 12

    Coyhaique - Hanging Glaciars in the National Park Queluat - Puyuhuapi

    Today's destination is Puerto Puyuhuapi, located at the northern end of the Puyuhuapi Canal. Today you will drive on one of the most difficult to build and expensive sections of the Carretera Austral, completed in the 80s. After arriving at the Queulat National Park, you will hike two to three hours through dense rainforest and depending on weather conditions, passing waterfalls with beautiful views of the icy mountain peaks and hanging glaciers. In the evening, you will return to Puyuhuapi, a village founded by Germans immigrants, in a dreamy location right on the bay.
  • 13

    Puyuhuapi - Chaitén

    On your way north you will enjoy a prehistoric landscape. You will then arrive at the Lago Yelcho where you will take a break, then continue to the "Amarillo" thermal baths. You may then relax in the warm thermal baths or take a small hike before continuing to Chaitén, where you will spend the night. From there it will be not far to get to the natural reserve of Pumalin!
    La Carretera Austral
  • 14

    Chaitén - National Park Pumalin - Caleta Gonzalo

    Today you will continue to one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the country!
    Located on the northern part of the Carretera Austral it is the Parque Pumalin.
    Pumallin it is Chile's largest private national park, you will go on an easy hike through wonderful centuries-old Alerce’s forests. The Alerces (Patagonian cypresses) are huge trees, some date back to 3600 years and are among the oldest living creatures on earth. As a reward, you will have a delicious dinner in Caleta Gonzalo, to then rest in the cozy wooden houses, which are located directly on the fjord.
    La Carretera Austral
  • 15

    Caleta Gonzalo - Hornopirén

    This morning, after breakfast, take the ferry from Caleta Gonzalo to Hornopirén. It will be an approximately 5-hour drive through the fjords of the Gulf of Ancud, you will pass almost untouched landscapes. Once arrived at the harbor of Hornopirén you will get to your accommodation for today. The rest of the day is at your disposal to visit the National Park of Hornopirén. Directly from the village, you start a 4 to 5 hour hike, passing the General Pinto Lake and Alerce forests. In addition, you may be lucky enough to see the mighty volcano Yates.
    Fiordo Puyuhuapi
  • 16

    Hornopirén - Cochamó - on horseback in the mountains

    From Hornopirén today you will go to Cochamo. Either on a taxi or by walking you will continue to the starting point, in Chilean territory, for the hike to the Cochamó Valley. Here you are already expected! Today you will try a different mean of transport and swing on a horse back!
    Your guide will familiarize you with the good-natured companions and prepare you with a short horse-riding course. The horse ride into the Andes is for everyone, experience on riding a horse is not important – although it can be an advantage! You will go through the Cochamo valley along the river, the ride will take about 5 hours. Through the Valdivian rain forest up to your cozy accommodation right on the mountains. A delicious dinner will await you there.
    At the mountain lodge, private rooms will not be guaranteed. If you like something more comfortable, you can also spend the day in the valley in Cochamo and make day trips in the area. Ask us about options!
    Gaucho en Patagonia
  • 17

    Trekking in the mountains of Cochamo

    After breakfast in front of the rustic mountain lodge, today you will enjoy a hike through the Andean rainforest. Passing thousands of trees, you will come across the most likely natural water slides in Patagonia - a spectacular experience for the brave ;-) In the late afternoon, return to your accommodation, where you will spend the last night in the mountains after a well-deserved dinner.
    At the mountain lodge no private room can be guaranteed. If you like something more comfortable, you can also spend the day in the valley in Cochamo and make day trips in the area. Ask us about options!
    Cabalgata Cerro Castilla
  • 18

    Cochamo - Saltos del Petrohue - Puerto Varas

    Overnight: Puerto Varas
    After breakfast, return to Cochamó on the four-legged companion. After saying goodbye to your hosts, head towards Puerto Varas. On the way, you will stop at the Saltos de Petrohué, where you can take a hike to the imposing rapids at the foot of the volcano Osorno. Today you will stay in the beautiful town of Puerto Varas, which is located at the Lago Llanquihue. The architecture of the city reveals the influence that the numerous German immigrants have left behind in the area.
    El río Petrohue
  • 19

    Puerto Varas - Santiago

    Overnight: Santiago de Chile
    Today it is finally time to say goodbye to Patagonia, travel to Puerto Montt and from there take a plane back to Santiago. Once back to civilization of the big city you will have time to explore the city center of Santiago, to visit one of the numerous museums or to experience the nightlife of the metropolis!
    Cerro San Cristóbal
  • 20

    Santiago - Europe

    Today, your Patagonian adventure will be over! We wish you a good return flight! For those of you who want to explore further South America, we have a lot more trips on offer.
    vuelo de regreso

Detailed trip suggestion

What is included in this trip?

Day 1: Santiago de Chile
  • Private TRANSVIP transfer from accommodation to the airport in Santiago (SCL)
  • Transport for city tour in Santiago
  • Local guide in Santiago for city tour (English)
  • Accommodation in Santiago
Day 2:
  • Private TRANSVIP transfer from accommodation to the airport in Santiago (SCL)
  • Flight from Santiago de Chile (SCL) to Punta Arenas (PUQ)
  • Private transfer from airport Punta Arenas to accommodation in Punta Arenas
  • Private transfer from accommodation in Punta Arenas to visit Nao Victoria and Seno Ottaway and back to Punta Arenas accommodation
  • Local guide in Punta Arenas (English)
  • Entry fees to Nao Victoria and Seno Ottaway as well as toll charges
  • Accommodation in Punta Arenas + Breakfast
Day 3: Puerto Natales
  • Private transfer from accommodation in Punta Arenas to bus station in Punta Arenas
  • Bus travel from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales
  • Private transfer to from bus station Puerto Natales to accommodation in Puerto Natales
  • Briefing in German about the National Park Torres del Paine
  • Accommodation in Puerto Natales + Breakfast
Day 4: Torres del Paine
  • Private transfer from accommodation in Puerto Natales to Milodon in the National Park of Torres del Paine
  • Visit to the Grotto of Milodon (entry fees included)
  • Voucher for the National Park Torres del Paine
  • Catamaran sailing in the National Park of Torres del Paine (Pudeto - Paine) (for pax /TC)
  • Refuge Grey; bunk bed, sleeping bag and breakfast (pax/TC)
Day 5: Puerto Natales
  • Navigation with ship Grey 2 from Refuge to Hotel at the Grey Lake Pier(OWR)
  • Private transfer from Lake Grey to accommodation in Puerto Natales
  • Accommodation in Puerto Natales + Breakfast
Day 6:
  • Private transfer from accommodation to bus terminal in Puerto Natales
  • Regular bus from Puerto Natales to El Calafate
  • Private transfer from bus terminal El Calafate to accommodation in El Calafate
  • Local guide for the glacier Perito Moreno (English)
  • Accommodation in El Calafate and breakfast
Day 7:
  • Private transfer from accommodation in El Calafate to Bus Terminal El Calafate
  • Regular bus from El Calafate to El Chalten
  • Private transfer from the bus terminal to accommodation EL Chalten
  • Accommodation El Chalten + Breakfast
Day 8:
  • Private transfer to Estacion Pilar (Starting point trekking in El Chalten)
  • Accommodation El Chalten + Breakfast
Day 9:
  • Private transfer from accommodation in El Chalten to Bus Terminal in El Chalten
  • Regular bus from El Chalten to Los Antiguos
  • Private transfer from the bus terminal to the accommodation in Los Antiguos
  • Accommodation and brekfast in Los Antiguos
Day 10:
  • Regular bus from Los Antiguos to Puerto Guadal (via Chile Chico)
  • Private transfer from bus terminal in Puerto Guadal to accommodation in Bahia Catalina
  • Dinner included
  • Accommodation in Puerto Guadal with breakfast
Day 11:
  • Private excursion to the Marble Caves with entry fees
  • Private transfer to Puerto Rio Tranquilo, to Pinturas Cerro Castillo then to Coyhaique
  • Accommodation in Coyhaique with breakfast
Day 12:
  • Private transfer from Coyhaique to the National Park of Queluat, accommodation in Puyuhuapi + Entry fees
  • Accommodation in Puyuhuapi with breakfast
Day 13:
  • Private transfer from Puyuhuapi to accommodation in Chaitén
  • Accommodation in Chaitén with breakfast
Day 14:
  • Private transfer from Chaiten to the Pumalin National Park and to Caleta Gonzalo
  • Accommodation in Caleta Gonzalo with breakfast
Day 15:
  • Ferry crossing from Caleta Gonzalo to Hornopiren
  • Accommodation in Hornopiren with breakfast
Day 16:
  • Private transfer from Hornopiren to Cochamo
  • Horse ride from Cochamo to the mountains with local guide
  • Dinner included
  • Mountain refuge in Cochamo with breakfast
Day 17:
  • Dinner included
  • Mountain refuge in Cochamo with breakfast
Day 18: Puerto Varas
  • Private transfer from Cochamo to Saltos del Petrohue and then to Puerto Varas
  • Accommodation in Puerto Varas + Breakfast
Day 19: Santiago de Chile
  • Private transfer from accommodation in Puerto Varas to Puerto Montt - El Tepual (PMC) airport
  • Flight from Puerto Montt - El Teupal airport (PMC) to Santiago (SCL)
  • Private transfer from the airport to the accommodation in Santiago
  • Accommodation in Santiago
Day 20:
  • Private transfer from accommodation to the airport in Santiago